Our data and knowledge partners are:

  • The Chamber of Commerce (KVK) is the official and independent Dutch administrative body for businesses. They offer information, advice, and support to entrepreneurs in the important themes of the entrepreneurial field. Their statutory tasks are aimed at registering, informing, and advising entrepreneurs. The Trade Register is the basic registration in which all companies and legal entities are registered. All other organizations that participate in economic transactions are also included in this register. Researchers and students with access to FIRMBACKBONE can use this trade register. For more information on KVK, click here.
  • The Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations (ODISSEI) is the national research infrastructure for the social sciences in the Netherlands. ODISSEI brings together researchers with the necessary data, expertise, and resources to conduct ground-breaking research and embrace the computational turn in social inquiry. After the initial development of the FIRMBACKBONE project, long-term governance will be assured through the ODISSEI organization. For more information on ODISSEI, click here.